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Upcoming Schedule:

Saturday, April 2

4pm-6pm                 Celebrating National Poetry Month

                                 Free and open to the public

Featured poets, Marya Parral, Poet Loschil, Anthony George II, Jacob Neiman, Detelina Stoykova-Asenov and others.  The works presented will be of varying styles from sonnets to spoken word.

     Marya Parral is the lead facilitator for the Jersey Cape Writers and has work included in their poetry and prose anthology, “By the Beautiful Sea: A collection of Writings from the Jersey Cape”. She is very active in the South Jersey poetry community.

    Representing “spoken word” will be Poet LosChil and Anthony George II. Spoken word is a broad designation for poetry intended for performance. Though some spoken word poetry may also be published, the genre has its roots in oral traditions and performance. Characterized by rhyme, repetition, improvisation, and word play, spoken word poems frequently refer to issues of social justice, politics, race, and community.

     Poet LosChil is well known on the spoken word circuit from Philadelphia to Newark and beyond. He resides in Cumberland County and is a featured poet at numerous events with his rapid-fire poetry bars, which will open your mindset.

     Anthony George II is a graduate of Stockton in theater and has been creating and performing his original work since high school. He recently presented poignant spoken word pieces at the End of the Road Theater in Cape May. He has been seen in several stage productions with Stockton University, Chase Arts (at Cape May Stage), and Dante Hall Theater in Atlantic City.

     Jacob Neiman a Rowan University student studying English education minoring in Asian studies. He is fascinated by the weird, unknown, heroes, villains, and tokusatsu. Ever since he found comics he wanted to write those stories. It was a way out and he never understood the lack of representation this writing genre had and not taught in school. He writes to show how important it is and teach the value it holds. Ideas that no one could ever think of, and stories to blow the audience/reader away. To show how important these stories are and their influence.

     Detelina Stoykova-Asenov is an educator, writer and psychoanalyst living in Ocean City. Her debut collections of poems, titled, “Seven Seasons”, encompasses poetic experiences from a span of twenty years. Her poems are distinguished by themes, lyricism and architectonics, from haiku and miniatures to ballads and odes, with a variety of expressive means. Nature, seasons, travel, dreams, connectedness – between people and between people and nature – form the atmosphere of her work. In the past, Detelina was a journalist and television reporter, and her journalistic writings and scholarly articles were published in specialized literature in her native Bulgaria, and most recently in the United States.

Friday, June 17

6pm-8pm                 Lecture Hall, OC Public Library

                                "Show and Tell a Tale" with host, Doug Otto

                                Free and open to the public

Remember Show & Tell from your childhood? What objects do you hold near and dear to your heart that tell a piece of your own or your family’s personal history? At our "Show and Tell a Tale", attendees will be encouraged to bring a special photo or object and share the story behind the item for 3-5 minutes. The story-sharing brings laughter, tears, camaraderie, and bonding that naturally occurs as people share and others recall similar memories.

For more information call (609) 399-7628 or email [email protected]