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Ocean City Arts Center’s Listening Room

Opening Night: Friday December 31

>> First Night Badge required <<

Ocean City Arts Center is creating a listening room, “Hear Here!”. Dedicated to the concept of social listening and learning with discussion in a relaxed group setting. The community is encouraged to bring recorded music from personal collections in any format (except 8 track tapes or reel to reel).

  • 5pm Hear Here! - Classical Connoisseurs
  • 6pm Hear Here! - Big Band Buddies
  • 7pm Hear Here! - Jazz Aficionados
  • 8pm Hear Here! - Blues Fanatics

Music, a cornerstone of civilization and socialization, provides a framework for communication more universal than speech or writing. Music contributes significantly to cultural understanding and growth.

Hear Here!

  • Dedicated to the concept of social listening and learning.  
  • The art of listening, learning, and discussion in a relaxed group setting has never been more meaningful.
  • OCAC’s Hear Here! will offer an alternative to the self-isolation that current technologies have fostered.
  • Anchored in sharing the artistic, societal and technical histories of recorded music.
  •  ​Insightful, curated programs and presentations offer a unique, comfortable, and participatory environment.  
  • A full range of musical discoveries for all ages can flourish through significant audio experiences that individuals and other institutions cannot replicate.

Check back after the new year for upcoming dates for Hear Here! Ocean City Arts Center’s Listening Room