Children & Teens Classes:

Fall Classes begin September 21 (unless noted otherwise)

Class attendance will be limited! Please call to register!

Performing Arts


Ages 3 - 5

Bethany Kelsey

$110—8 Wednesdays 5pm - 5:45pm

Begins 10/14

Students will focus on the elements of dance learning technique through ballet, creative movement, and rhythmic routines. Students will use props in dance movement. Instructor uses song, dance, singing, movement and FUN!


Ages 6 - 9

Bethany Kelsey

$110—8 Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm

Begins 10/14

Dancers will study the classic techniques and placement of ballet along with ballet combinations, poise and grace. The second half of the class will be focused on jazz dance technique. Students will explore the movements of jazz along with funky combinations, pop movements and classic jazz technique. Please be prepared with ballet slippers and jazz shoes. Students must wear a ballet leotard, tights and jazz clothing such as jazz pants or shorts.


Ages 8 - 11

Bethany Kelsey

$110—8 Thursdays 5pm - 6pm

Begins 10/15

Exploration of the natural and creative movements of the body are studied in modern dance. This class has an infusion of classical movements along with unique, creative dance styles that fit the composition of which is focused on. Modern dance expresses the inner soul of the dancer. No shoes for this class and fitted dance clothing.


Ages 11 - 14

Bethany Kelsey

$110—8 Thursdays 6pm - 7pm

Begins 10/15

Modern II focuses on the development and creativity of movement through contemporary movement and ballet principals. Students will participate in a strong modern dance warm up, across the floor combinations and collaborations of a vast range of modern dance routines. This style goes from lyrical movement to unique/abstract. Dancers must have experience with ballet and/or Modern Dance I. Dancers must be bare foot with form fitted clothing (preferably leotard).

TAI CHI   Relaxation!

Ages 10 - adult

Frank Callio

Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8pm

$5 per class

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese art studied to promote relaxation and to encourage meditation. The slow, flowing exercise of the Tai Chi “form” is taught along with several breathing exercises. Tai Chi is often called “meditation in motion” as it encompasses both physical and mental exercise.  ONGOING CLASS


Ages 12 - adult

Charlotte Mitchell

Tuesdays 9am - 10am

Thursdays 9am - 10am

$5 per class


Time passes quickly when you’re having fun and getting fit. This class offers one full hour of “fun, dance & fitness.” Move your body to oldies, pop, show tunes, country, etc. Using light weights, hula hoops, bands, canes & pom-poms. Come work out & sweat with us, meet new friends, bring a towel & water. Light weights optional. See you soon! ONGOING CLASS

Visual Arts


Ages 9-14

Chris O’Brien

$110—6 Wednesdays 3:45pm-4:45pm

Begins 10/7

This class is designed for the maturing young artist who has had some art class experience. Students will expand their knowledge of the elements of art while using different techniques and materials. Drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and sculpture are some of the areas that will be covered.


Ages 7-10

Chris O’Brien

$110—6 Wednesdays 5pm - 6pm

Begins 10/7

Students will explore many different art forms, materials, and subject matters to give them a well rounded art experience! We will work from things from nature, photographs, and found objects as well as creating abstract art. We will also discuss famous artists and experiment with the materials they used.


“A class to free up creative ideas and let them flow”

Ages 9-11

Theresa Kennish

$110—6 Mondays 4pm - 5:30pm

Begins 10/5

This Class is for the child that wants some time to have fun with their creativity in an informal and fun environment.  This class will highlight drawing games, zentangle doodling and expressive painting.


Ages 6-9

Michele Pasciullo

$120—6 Mondays 12:30pm - 2pm

Begins 10/5

Explore the ancient and versatile art of mosaic by creating projects using many different materials, including paper, shells, glass, ceramic tiles, and trash.  Mosaic is a tactile art form that encourages creativity through shapes, pattern and color.

Visual Arts &

Art Workshops (in orange)


Ages 16- Adults

Renee Leopardi

$140—6 Wednesdays 6pm - 8pm

OR $30 per class

Begins 10/14

Supply list available: Click here

Learn how to paint dramatic skies! Having the Atlantic Ocean at our doorstep allows us the privilege of seeing some amazingly colorful skies. Whether we are painting a soft subtle sky or a storm filled sky, you'll learn how to carefully layer your pastels to create luminosity and the desired texture and softness in the clouds. Students will work from their own favorite photographs. All levels welcome.


Ages 16- Adults

Renee Leopardi

$140—6 Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm

OR $30 per class

Begins 10/13

Whether you are new to drawing or just brushing up on your skills, this class is perfect for all levels. Charcoal is an inexpensive and fun medium to work with. Learn how to use light and shadow to create a three dimensional appearance as well as techniques for capturing texture and proper perspective of the subject.

Please bring: Vine Charcoal, Artist Chamois, Kneaded Eraser, Board and Charcoal paper sketch pad (I use 18 x 24” but smaller is ok). Paper designated as “Charcoal Paper” works best. An easel is recommended but not necessary. Michael’s or Hobby Lobby will have the necessary supplies.