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"Pink Shell I" by Chris O'Brien

2020 September Exhibition:

OCAC Student & Teacher Show

A group exhibition

Show dates:

September 12 - 30

The Students...

Aren Alfaro

Rody Baron

Lynda Bennett

Merryl Cool

Tim Faherty

Kathy Fahy

Janet Gabriel

Pat Garza

Kathy Geary

Dorie Good

Maryjane Green

Alisa Harris

Nancy Harris

Judy Henhoeffer

Carla Migliaccio

Deb Nealy

Linda Ryan

Patti Smith

Eileen Stone

Susan Taylor

Nicole Thompson

The Teachers...

Paul Fuentes

Susan Irland

Theresa Kennish

Renee Leopardi

Marie Natale

Chris O'Brien

Barbara Rosin